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Click on the links below to download a photo order form in .pdf format.

O&A Marketing News Photo Order Form

O&A Marketing News Photo Order Form — Fillable

Automotive Booster Magazine Photo Order Form

The staff of KAL Publications cover a number of events, always with a camera in hand.

Did one of our staff take your picture at an event? Did you see a photo in one of our publications that you'd like to have? Is there an image on this website you'd like for your very own? No problem. Photos from the KAL Publications archive are available for sale. You can purchase prints in a variety of sizes or even a high resolution print-quality electronic file for digital uses or low resolution water-marked files suitable for your website or social media (any reprinting of electronic files requires permissions and appropriate photo credit—contact the editor for more information).

Would you like a caption for your photo? We can do that for you. We offer special services for your prints, including captions, company logo placement, and photo manipulation. Just give us a call, and we'll discuss what you'd like to do.

There are two easy ways to order.

If you prefer to pay by credit card via PayPal, place your order using the form below. Select your print size and tell us which image you would like and where you saw it.

For photos from a publication, be sure to tell us the issue (month and year), the event where the photo was taken, the page number and the content of the photo (who's in it). For photos from the Cutting Room Floor section of the website, just type in the photo number. For other photos from the website, describe the photo and tell us where you found it.

Once you have chosen your print size and described the image you want, click the “Add to Cart” button, which will take you to a PayPal shopping cart. If you wish to order more than one copy of a print, you can update the quantity on the PayPal page. Or you can remove an order from your shopping cart if you change your mind. To order more prints in the same shopping trip, simply click on “Continue Shopping” to return to this page and make further selections.

When you are finished shopping, return to the PayPal shopping cart to complete your order. There is a $6 shipping and handling fee for all print orders, regardless of size.

If you prefer to pay by check, use the links in the blue box to download a photo order form. There are two versions: one to print and complete by hand and the other that is an Adobe fillable form, which you can fill out on your computer and save a copy of your completed form for your records. Return the form with your payment to KAL Publications. For orders over $50, just mail or email your completed order form and we can invoice you upon completion.

Any questions? Call us at 714-563-9300 for assistance.


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Extra Service (Must be ordered separately)
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