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Columnist — Allen Wright

Restoration Blvd. is a regular column reflecting on the state of the auto parts industry — from the perspective of an automotive enthusiast.

Allen Wright with cars

In this case, our automotive enthusiast is author Allen Wright. A life-long gearhead, Wright's first car was a 1928 Model A Ford Rumble Seat Coupe. Since that time, his fleet has included a 1955 Plymouth convertible, a 1959 Plymouth Fury, a 1963 Thunderbird, a 1965 Oldsmobile 442, a 1966 Ford Galaxy 400, and a 1968 Chevelle Super Sport.

His current cars include a 1977 Corvette, a 1963 Plymouth Super Stock and his recently completed restoration: a 1962 Plymouth Fury Golden Commando. Virtually every evening or weekend he can be found in his beloved garage, working on his current project.

In a professional capacity, Wright has been associated with the automotive industry for the last 35 years.

In his column, Wright reflects on his experiences with the automotive aftermarket on a personal level, commenting on the car shows he attends, the stores where he buys his parts, and even some of the characters he meets along the way.

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