Meet the Staff

Kathy Laderman — Editor
Kathy Laderman Headshot

Greetings! I'm Kathy Laderman, President of KAL Publications and Editor of O&A Marketing News and Automotive Booster Magazine.

We were incorporated in 1992 in the State of California and, with the help of our stockholders, published our first magazine in June of 1992.  However, the magazines we publish have a long history; the Booster was established in 1928 by the Automotive Booster Club of Los Angeles, a club of auto parts salesmen.  The O&A Marketing News was founded in 1966 by Don McAnally, a former newspaper journalist.  We carry on the tradition, publishing each magazine seven times a year, each with its own unique blend of photos, news and industry gossip.

I've been a professional journalist since 1987 and love the constant challenges involved: tracking industry news, educating and informing our readers, seeking out ways to help everyone improve their business, and working with our customers, readers and staff.  Okay, it's a lifestyle, not a job, but I never was a nine-to-five type.

When I'm not on the job, I enjoy singing competitive barbershop with my chorus, Harborlites, which earned the 2005 and 2008 International Chorus Championships. Check out our show schedule and hear some harmony.

Karen Laderman — Administrator
Karen Laderman Headshot

Hello. I’ve been the Administrator for KAL Publications since 2005, though I've served as a Member of the Board of Directors, outside consultant and contractor since the company formed in 1992. Small businesses being what they are, as Administrator I wear several hats:

  • Didn’t get your last issue? I’m the Circulation Manager.
  • Problems with your advertising invoice? Let me put on the Billing Department hat.
  • Have a new product? Tell the New Products Editor all about it.
  • Have a suggestion about our web site? You’re reading about the Webmaster.
  • Want to order a print of a photo from the website or one of the magazines? I handle all photo processing (once Kathy takes the picture, I do the rest).

I think you get the idea!

When I joined KAL Publications as full-time staff in June 2005, I had been Kathy's sister for over 30 years. I live in Brea, CA. and I sing in the 2005 and 2008 International Champion Harborlites Chorus with others on staff. To raise money for Harborlites, Kathy and I co-chair the Harborlites Harmony Golf Classic. I also serve as editor of Golden West Magazine, the official publication of Golden West Region 21 of Sweet Adelines International.

When I’m not worrying about press deadlines and chorus rehearsals, I like to indulge my other hobbies: golf, home arts, movie night, and mahjong.

Becky Jones — Advertising Sales Manager
Becky Jones Headshot

I’m Becky Jones, Advertising Manager and the newest addition to the KAL Publications team. I am so excited to get to know everyone who has made — and continues to make — this publication happen.

I was born and raised in Riverside, CA where I am currently working full-time as a Kids Ministry Leader at Sandals Church. Before that I worked for West Coast Lights and Sirens, Inc. which was an amazing experience that really helped me grow to be the person and worker that I am today. I was employed as a manager at Pizza Hut while I worked my way through school at CSU Fullerton, and right out of college I worked for a couple group homes as well.

In February of 2018 I married my wonderful Maxwell. We love hiking, camping, and making music together. I am also a huge animal lover and grew up with everything from horses to rats as pets. We currently have two cats — Bellatrix and Steve — and a Border Collie/Australian Shepherd mix named Albie.

I hope that you will rely on me for any and all your advertising needs. Though I am new to O&A Marketing News, I aim to please. Call or email me if you ever need a thing!

Victoria Kemsley — Advertising Sales Manager
Victoria Kemsley Headshot

Hello. I’m Victoria Kemsley, and I've been with KAL Publications since 2011. I have had a varied career in sales and special events before landing at KAL Publications. I emigrated from Canada in the 1980s and for my first years in the United States I taught junior high school. After that, I knew I could handle anything! Most of my career has been focused on customer service. However, although it’s currently a dirty word, I learned a lot about sales from my time as a mortgage broker.

I live in beautiful downtown West Hollywood and enjoy all the culture that Los Angeles has to offer. I met Kathy and Karen in the Harborlites Chorus. It is 100 women strong, and we are proud to say that we are two-time Sweet Adelines International Chorus Champions. Believe me, it is a glorious feeling to have that gold medal placed around your neck.

I know that we are all trying to maximize our marketing dollars these days. With my background in sales and client relations, I look forward to helping you meet your sales goals through pinpoint marketing.

We'd love to hear from you! Send us an e-mail.

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