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Nobody cares how good you used to be. You've got to be pretty good every time you show up.

The simple stuff makes the biggest difference. I don't believe in secrets. I try to get back to the basics, the stuff you know works every single day.


You can't make somebody else happy. In fact, the last thing I want is someone trying to make me happy. Besides, what difference does it make if you're happy? You don't get paid to like your job. You're not paid to be happy. You're paid to do your job. Happiness is a bonus.

You don't have to love what you do to be effective.

The deal is you pay somebody to work and they work. You tell people that they have to be passionate about what they do. That's why we have so many disappointed young people these days.

Businesses survive on hard work and excellence. Everything you do ought to be making yourself better at what you do so people will want to do business with you.

There are 500 books that cover the secrets of customer service. How about this: be nice. The secrets of selling? Just ask. The secrets of leadership? Give them something good to follow. The secrets of teamwork? Teamwork doesn't work because somebody on the team doesn't work. Isn't that right? Teams are a place for a handful of superstars to do all the work and everyone else to get the credit.

Rules for living:

1. Take responsibility. The hardest thing many of us ever does is to take responsibility. It's always your fault. Everything is your fault. Take responsibility for your life.

Jerry Springer is the #1 TV show in 44 countries. Pretty much, the show is about the same thing: some fellow who cannot figure out why his wife and his girlfriend are both leaving him. No matter what your position, you're responsible for where you are.

2. Flexibility. Flexibility is the key to getting along with each other and the key to getting along with customers. All the money you are ever going to have is currently in the hands of someone else. In business, that someone else is the customer.

Some of you are so caught up in how we do things that we are forgetting why we do things.

You have to serve people well. And how you do that is going to change. It always has and it always will.

How do you deal with change? Shut up, stop whining, and get a life. People love to whine. For some, whining has become their best friend.

If your life sucks, it's because you suck. If your business sucks, it's because you, as a businessman, suck. If your sales suck, it's because as a salesman you suck.

Having a positive attitude doesn't keep bad stuff from happening to you. It helps you deal with all the bad stuff that happens to you.

People say a man becomes what he thinks about all day. That ain't true. If it were true, I'd be Halle Berry.

We don't make positive change in our life when we feel good about ourselves. We make positive change when we become so uncomfortable that we have to change. The thing that makes us the most uncomfortable, especially in business, is change itself.

3. Be alert. We need the ability to recognize opportunity.

4. Lighten up and have more fun. Figure out a way to enjoy what you do as best as you possibly can and have fun doing it. We all know people who are going to die from terminal professionalism. They have no sense of humor at all.

The key to having more fun: just pay attention. There is more funny stuff out there if you just pay attention.

When I'm on a plane, I'm not even looking for a good experience any more. I'm just looking for it to be over.

The better you serve others, the better you, in turn, are served.

Sometimes you do everything right and stuff happens. That's just part of it. I'm going through my stuff and you're going through your stuff. I don't want your stuff and you don't want my stuff. But no matter how bad it gets, don't say something stupid like, 'It can never get worse.' Don't issue a challenge like that. Because it can always get worse.

If you don't plan on messing up, you don't plan on doing anything.

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