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If you have a radio talk show, I've found out you can offend everyone, every day. It's more fun that way.

My dad [President Ronald Reagan] wouldn't tell you if you were right or wrong. He'd tell you a story and hope you got it. He really spoke in parables.

It's interesting. The government wants to take 90% of what we make. But God forbid we make a profit.

Michael Reagan 201-021

I spend more for bottled water than I do for gas but no one is griping about that. I could get that water for free. Oh, and by the way, the water in that bottle isn't regulated. It could be anything.

So many politicians invoke my father's name but they forget to live the way he lived. They talk the talk but they don't walk the walk.

I'm tired of Americans being asked to give up stuff to get along with them. I think it's time for an American President to say 'nyet.' Because of my father saying 'nyet' the Berlin Wall came falling down and a whole lot of people are free. Because Ronald Reagan stayed to his guns no matter what others were saying.

Don't let the minutia take over your life. Know what you want to do and do it.

My mother gave me the best advice of my life: just shut up and keep driving. Who said you don't have to pay your dues? We all have to pay our dues. If you never fail, how do you know when you succeed?

We are doing a disservice to people in the United States by babying them, by not teaching.

Overseas, they understand the value of education. You get a free education unless your children are naughty. If they're naughty, they have to go to a private school and the parents have to pay for it. You want parental involvement? That's how you get it.

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