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You don’t have to bow your heads and close your eyes [when you pray]. If you do that, you give someone else a chance to do something they want to.

I played 9,925 consecutive games and 16 games away from 10,000 games total. An NBA player will play approximately 90 games per year, so you’d have to play 110 years to play 10,000 games. That ain’t gonna happen.

At times, we’d average 9 games a week. I didn’t have a lot of free time because I wanted to be the best I could be.

This is America. The President doesn’t make America work. The people make America work. We allow him to be there to lead us. The same is true here. I see people and feed off them. I find one person who’s not smiling and then I figure if I can make them laugh, I can make anybody in the audience laugh.

Everything I do is part of the ministry. I know how to open the book. God has blessed me.

I’m still in school . I’m non-denominational. I listen to all denominations. If we leave any denominations out, we’re missing part of the gospel.

God has placed a vision and a dream in your hearts. Somewhere in your past was a vision and a dream. I bet 50% of you started on a different path. That was preparing you for where you are today.

You’ve got to have a dream to do what you do.

I take notes all the time.

Write the vision and make it a good one.

Be patient. Be consistent in what you do. Don’t sell so many gallons this week and drop 20% next week. Be consistent. Things will happen slowly, steadily, surely.

This will happen. All you have to do is walk the walk and talk the talk.

Success becomes the moment God gives you your vision. Then all you have to do is follow your path.

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