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Dreams can come true if we follow certain guidelines.

It’s not so much the result — it’s the journey that’s the reward.

It is time now to make those decisions about what we want to do. We learn from the past, we live in today, and we dream about tomorrow.

Deep down in every soul is a champion within us. Some people find it and some people don’t.

We are all competitors. Look at your competition — in the athletic world or in the business world. You still have to find the competitor within you.

Number one is your attitude. It determines your altitude, how far you can go. It’s not the situation, but your reaction to the situation that depends on how well you’re going to do. Develop that can-do attitude. You have to believe in the power down deep inside every one of us.

The Decathlon was a tool I used to see how good I could become.

You have to take your dreams one step farther. You have to take them to decisions. When you make concrete decisions, the next step follows immediately. You take action.

To become the best in the world at something becomes an obsession. Sometimes things have to become an obsession if you want to make it to the next level.

Every time we want to take our performance to the next level we have to take our commitment to the next level. We have to constantly make changes to our commitment — but our commitment is the main thing.

I dreamed and I visualized for years so when I got there, it was like going home.

I learned what great potential lies within each and every one of us. We can achieve great heights if we are in the arena. You are in an arena. If you stay in the arena and work hard, you have the potential for greatness.

Life is either a great adventure, or it’s nothing.

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