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TOM Easton

Talk Notes

"Getting More Done in Less Time"
Cardis Marketing Conference
San Diego, CA. February 13, 1993

[He began with an exercise by asking each table to discover one thing that everyone in the table had in common and one unique thing about each person — an excellent ice breaker — and then asked each table to report what they had learned.]

We, as humans, created the measure of time. Money is not equal in our society, but time is.

The team concept doesn’t work if we all pitch in and get the job done. Each person must know who is responsible for each job.

Hold monthly store meetings. But don’t let them turn into bitch sessions.

Take a routine task function and empower your employees to do it. They’ll do a better job than you and it’ll free you up to do important things like focusing on how to grow the sales next year.

Put in the job description "and anything else I deem necessary to improve our sales and customer service."

If something remains at a "C" priority on your to-do list for five days and you don’t do it — delegate it.

You may find a to-do list has some effects on your integrity.

Fill out your to-do list at night before you go home. Outline what you have to do the next day, then lay it on your desk and go home.

Tell your employees what is expected and what is acceptable.

Anything I know, I can teach to someone else.

Offer a reward for a job well-done. For under $20, you can do something nice.

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