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Nevada Ramblings —
October 2010

Columnist — Carolyn Bishop

Las Vegas motorists headed out for back-to-school shopping, paid a few cents more per gallon of gasoline. While pump prices rose during the week due to a rally in oil, they are not expected to spike in the weeks ahead because of the usual light trading in the oil market during August. Gasoline is 16.9 cents more per gallon more than motorists paid last year during the same time period.

Long-time Las Vegas service station owner, Florian Houston, passed away on August 11. He was a 60 year Nevada resident and well known in the community. Many longtime Las Vegas residents recall his downtown service station.

Carolyn Bishop 

Nevada legislators rejected proposals that would require the state and local governments, including police, to start buying electric or hybrid cars in two years. Comments by the those who voted against the proposal ranged from "My constituents are tired of subsidizing anything," to "Electric cars don't use gasoline and Nevada highways are built by gasoline taxes."

A tentative $15 million agreement has been reached between El Paso Corp. and a pro-ranching group for the construction of a 680-mile natural gas pipeline across and Nevada and Utah. The arrangement calls for El Paso Corp. to provide $15 million over 10 years, with half of the money going into an interest-bearing fund to be used for range land improvements and research.

Have you ever wondered if a complaint is ever acted on if you call the Motor Vehicles Smoking Vehicle Hotline and report a "smoking car"?

This is what happens if you make such a call. Once a complaint is received, the DMV sends the offending motorist a letter advising that he should have his vehicle inspected. If numerous reports come in on the same vehicle, the owner will be sent a certified letter ordering the car to be inspected. If the letter is ignored, the Department will suspend the registration of the vehicle.

July and August and on into September are typically the months with the greatest demand for gasoline due to increased travel. Southern Nevada's prices remained lower than those in other parts of the state. Nevada has the fourth highest gas prices in the continental United States. The highest gasoline price in the country is in Waiiluku, Hawaii. It's a good thing there is limited driving area in Hawaii!

The Las Vegas metropolitan area requires the year-round use of a cleaner burning gasoline blend, one which has low volatility and contains oxygenates. Both the Las Vegas and Reno metropolitan areas require the use of oxygenated motor gasoline during the winter months.

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Originally published in the October 2010 issue of the O&A Marketing News.
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