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R.P.M. —
Real Personal Motivation

Columnist — Chuck Kennedy Sr.

R.P.M. — Real Personal Motivation — is a monthly column that links the idea of personal growth with professional growth and success.

Chuck Kennedy Sr.

The author, Chuck Kennedy Sr., addresses a variety of concerns from how to be more enthusiastic in the sales process to the importance of listening and the ability to keep an open mind. All of his topics are designed to address the needs of both the seasoned sales professional as well as someone just entering the workforce.

Kennedy comes with many decades of experience in the automotive aftermarket. He entered the industry as a car salesman, then opened his own successful auto parts store. After selling off that business, Kennedy then formed his own auto parts buying group, Auto-Extra, where he works to help small businesses compete in today's marketplace.

Covering the California auto parts aftermarket since 1928.